Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Day At the Park

As I mentioned before, K and I are choosing to spend most of the day out and about. We leave a little before noon, and with public transportation delays, generally end up wherever we're exploring by half past. We stay out until the high traffic of rush hour is over. So, a lot of time in the sun. Which is great except that we're both burnt a bright red because the weather here in N. California has been to die for stunning as of late. I actually received most of my burn from just an hour spent by the beach!

Today, we took a longer train ride than normal, and went to one of my favorite little villages that has a truly amazing little park. It's got a great water feature, perfect for these hot days, and some lovely shade for us Mamas. At K's request, I sat in the shade with our picnic and knit for...hours.

As for K, well, I don't think he stopped playing longer than it took to shove a mouthful of popcorn or a forkful of strawberry into his mouth.

It's wonderful to have such an independent little man. Not that he's anti-social. Quite the opposite. It's just that if there are children at the park, then K wants nothing further from me, than my passive and unintrusive observation. He prefers to play rambunctiously with older boys, but occasionally, he'll sit for a few moments with another adult and initiate a serious conversation. These normally begin along the lines of, "That's a train." or "That's my Mommy." or "I'm K___". Always cute to overhear, these (sometimes longwinded and intricate) conversations always seem to catch the 'chosen' adult off-guard. They inevitably look around with a baffled look as though to ask permission from me to carry on a conversation. Or, maybe, they're asking me to please come take my kid away and give them back their quiet! lol.

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