Sunday, June 5, 2011

Breaking Glass

First, the cute little child with a 'perfect-sized' GLASS drinking cup enjoying a nice little snack.

Nevermind how many times I explained that one might want to be careful with their drinking glass...(100 gazillion!) that's unimportant. Just know that the glass was indeed dropped and shattered into BILLIONS of teeny, tiny, incredibly sharp, bits.
(that's about HALF the pieces)

This is all blog-worthy in the first place because, honestly, it's mind-BOGGLING how a glass would ever manage to break like that. 

I've always given K sips out of our own glasses, so when he started holding his own cups, I naturally offered him whatever we had around. And, mostly, that meant cups made We even use glass jars as water bottles. So, we've had our fair share of breakage, but NOTHING like this explosive shattering! 

And, did you catch sight of that took a good hour to find all the foot-scratching shards and pick them up. Piece-by-piece. 


  1. i just wanted to pop in and say how much I'm enjoying your blog. It's the first one I go to when I check my reader :)

  2. Boo for having to pick up all that glass... at least he's cute!

  3. Yay! So happy to have readers! Sometimes it gets a bit lonely over here ;-)

    And, yeah, the glass explosion was extreme...seriously, I saved the glass in a bowl to show N just b/c it was SO impressively MUCH.


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