Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Raw Butter

We're all STILL recooping from the horrendous stomach flue. Well, not all of us, K managed to escape unscathed, which is a miracle I can only chalk up to my more-valuable-than-gold (which is saying a lot these days!) breastmilk. Yes, I'm ready to see an end to my bfing days, but holy cow does it keep a boy healthy!

I read somewhere that after going through a stomach flue similar to what we experienced, the good bacteria in your gut is, essentially, stripped away leaving your body unable to efficiently digest complex sugars. Such as those found in dairy products or juices. If you continue to consume quantities of complex sugars, then it can actually lead to a cycle of diarrhea...that doesn't end for WEEKS.

Scary thought!

Since we actually try to eat along a traditional foods diet (think Weston A. Price), eggs, and butter factor quite heavily into our daily food intakes.

So, hoping for some relief, N and I eliminated eggs from our diet this week, and I switched us over to raw butter.

We're both feeling MUCH better, just a tad queasy here and there, but our other symptoms have definitely cleared up. I'm sure that by the end of my food budget week (Monday to Sunday), we'll be able to reintroduce eggs, yogurt, and raw milk.

Right, the point of this post was to rave about the wonderfulness of Raw dairy...particularly my newfound raw butter. It's quite musky smelling...a bit like goat's milk or goat's cheese, and the taste is...sweet. More like a cheese taste than a traditionally pasteurized and processed butter. And, when cooked with veggies, YUM. SUCH a clear taste difference. It's ridiculous that we continue to consume vast quantities of dairy products that taste NOTHING like their true counterparts.

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  1. We LOVE raw grass fed butter! My daughter calls it "the special butter". Thanks for putting Pure Homemaking on your links! Hope you stop by again!


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