I am Lyndz, Mama to K (born late December 2008), and partner to N. We have recently relocated to the Bay Area, and are contemplating where to go from here. The days are filled with long hours at gorgeous parks, bus and train rides to new adventures, and snuggly cuddles.

I am a trained birth doula, a knitter, a sewer, a creator, and a writer. N is a professional poker player.

We are both voluntaryists, meaning that we believe humans could co-exist peaceably (given time) in a world based upon voluntary actions and relationships instead of the current system of force and coercion. As such, we parent a bit differently than most. We try to avoid any measures of excessive authoritarianism, meaning there are no rules, punishments, or unnecessary restrictions. I don't believe in the lawful age of self-autonomy, instead believing that children are capable of assuming full autonomy of themselves at whatever age they choose. My goal as a parent is to guide K through the years of his childhood with unconditional love and respect and an awareness of his constantly adapting, adjusting, and INCREASING abilities of self-government until he is fully independent.

This blog will be a space filled with the creative, the mundane, the adventurous, and the bewildering that crosses my path as I pursue life's journey. I enjoy comments, and will try to respond to every one, so please let me know your thoughts! I look forward to growing this space.

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