Friday, June 3, 2011

New Home

After two months of staying in an Extended Stay, after our (slightly) harrowing move from New Hampshire, we've finally taken a rental in our most desired East Bay location. I don't know how many of you really utilize craigslist to its full potential, but N and I have exclusively relied upon Craigslist for the past 2.5 years to supply us with our housing, and, really, it has yet to fail.

We travel a lot. I'm not sure if that will ever change, but at this point in our lives, it's almost an expectation. We EXPECT that we'll grow dissatisfied with our 'home' within a few months, so we stalk craigslist. We have cities in mind, and we scan the craigslist ads for furnished rentals until something extraordinary comes available.Then, we pack everything we own in a few suitcases and move on to some new adventure. Our hope is that someday we'll find "home" whatever that means.

 Our latest find, couldn't have come available at a better moment. After two months of looking, it seemed as though nothing reasonable was ever going to come available. Las Vegas was becoming a stronger and stronger possibility as the time to recommit to Extended Stay approached. And then, we found the most adorable little in-law cottage right next door to a few of our favorite parks.

Well, actually, it's two cottages adjoined by an outdoor patio. One cottage is a bedroom/office combo, while the other serves as a living room, bathroom, kitchen. It's a crazy layout, but absolutely enviable for a Northern California summer. We just leave all the doors open, and K runs wild between the two cottages literally squealing with the excitement of such freedom.

It's just plain relieving to be back to what resembles 'normal' for us, but mostly, I'm relieved to have a working oven. After seven months with just a hotplate in Hawaii, I consider myself a fairly inventive cook with skillet meals, but I'm looking forward to a few roast chickens!

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