Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nursing at 28 months

I've been nursing for over 28 months now, and I must confess that I'm no longer very accommodating during the middle of the night. K is a rather exuberant sleeper, he likes to move all night long...he does a bit of kicking, a bit of twisting and turning, quite a LOT of sideways sleeping (pushing N and I to the very edges!), and, when nursing, more fondling of my breasts than I can handle. That's not really true, because, clearly, I still AM nursing, it's just that I reach a "We're all DONE with milk NOW!" point pretty early on. Because, as I mentioned, K can't seem to nurse at night without constantly moving his fingers in exploration all over my chest, my belly, ect... It becomes a bit nerve-wracking. In fact, for the past two nights, I've been sleeping with a protective hand over my 'free' breast. That's probably pretty weird, but I bet a lot of nursing mothers have done it before me ;-)

I'm sort of proud of myself though. Ever since I passed the 12 month mark, I've wondered when I would begin to feel 'done'. Not that I AM done, just that I'm clearly beginning to nurse only for K's sake rather than for the benefits both he AND I received. (think emotionally wonderful bonding moments with fuzzy borders.) Nowadays, I'm more prone to pull away from K and turn over before he's quite done nursing OR getting to sleep. Which, interestingly enough, K doesn't seem to mind TOO much. 

So, I'm pleased to see that there really IS a natural flow to this sort of thing when left to the exclusive world of mother and child. Child grows to an age where the the benefits of breastmilk are minor (compared to the infant stages), and mother and child together reach a point at which a weaning process begins. Because, really, that's what's going on here...ever since the introduction of solids, K has been weaning. And, now, the ride is about to get a lot quicker because Mum is nearing an end. 

I'm proud that I've never been swayed on this issue. (weaning early I mean) I mean, it's pretty annoyingly, odd-feeling to nurse a kid k's age in public. But, I still do. And, maybe it's weird that K still relies (a good part) upon nursing to get himself to sleep, but I trust that, given time, he'll figure it out.  

Not that I actually believe we'll be done nursing before he turns 3. He's still pretty attached, and, truthfully, I still rely HEAVILY on nursing as a cure-all. Which, really, is totally fine. 

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  1. I'm at 27 months now... and I can totally relate. I only breastfed my first for 13 months, so this part is new to me. The twiddling has been getting to me a lot more lately. And my son gets really angry if I don't let him. Like, really angry. It's really tough when we are in public!

    He's also still waking several times at night. We all sleep in the same bed so it barely wakes me up when he wants to nurse, but I'm with you that the touching makes it more difficult. I don't want to give it up before he is ready, but I am struggling a little right now. Good to know I'm not alone!


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