Friday, May 20, 2011


K has been a bit feverish for the past 4 nights with last night's spike causing me to finally break out some Children's Motrin. I'm not really sure what he's fighting off because he's not really presenting any other symptoms...there's a slight runny nose (clear), and a mild cough that sounds quite high up and 'safe'. So, mostly it's a high fever that spikes wildly in the middle of the night.

I really hate fevers in small children. It's one of those residual fears left over from when I fully believed that everything suggested by the medical community was based firmly upon evidence and intervention only when necessary. When I was pregnant, it was 'common' knowledge that you should always medicate with Tylenol or Motrin at the first sign of a fever. In actuality, such intervention can suppress many of the body's natural ways of fighting off the illness!

  Nowdays, I think that there is a time and a place for doctors and medical interventions, but I've learned to be extraordinarily cautious and reserve them for times of dire need. Which means that I've had to accept unmedicated fevers as a ritual of childhood...

Even with the knowledge that I have regarding fevers, (the fact that they are ONLY an indication of some affliction rather than the symptom to be treated, that they are a healthy sign that one's body is working as it should to fight off said illness, ect... )it's still rather alarming whenever I wake up at 3am to find K burning to the touch...lucid and 'normal' as he might act. *sigh* I'm hoping this latest virus passes through quickly AND skips over N and I!

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