Monday, June 13, 2011

Mainstream Media and School

Have you seen this video? Or, better yet, read this book?

Is it funny? Or just disturbing? how books and movies so effectively illustrate the spirit-crushing tendencies of structured schooling, without intention?

It's satisfying for me, as a mother who would prefer her child to never enter public or private school, to see  these examples so widespread in mainstream media, but it's sort of like the anarchism thing in that I just can't understand why people accept this as normal so...passively.

I mean, how is this video NOT disturbing? (outside of the fact that the little pup appears to have a happy home life!)


  1. I could actually cry watching that. :(

    Why wouldn't you want your puppy to spend time with people who let him believe he can fly, instead of crushing the dream with harshness, ridicule, and insults?

    GAH! I just want to scream.

  2. Umm....yeah.

    It's a horrible video...but the worst of it is that it's a NORMAL depiction of school. (at least if you're looking for all the oppression ect...)



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