Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Waiting For the Train

 Lately, K has become obsessed with trains. I blame our near exclusive usage of the BART, but whatever the cause, trains have become the most interesting thing since the ABC's to visit our home. So, we expanded K's train set quite a bit, rummaged through some knock-off stores for a few of those ever-popular Thomas trains, and showed K the Amtrack rails that pass right behind our home.

He's fascinated each and every time we ride the BART, and keeps pestering us to ride the Amtrack. It's super cute to watch, and I'm thankful that he's so calm about all the waiting that goes along with public transportation, but I wish there was a better way to expose him to a more future-oriented technology...like spaceships...or robots...or something that might actually still BE around when he's an adult. I mean, trains seem a bit...old-fashioned.

In any case, I'm hoping this all goes away very soon. I'm not into trains...they're awesome when they get me from place to place, but beyond relying on them as a means of transportation, I really have no interest. It's sort of boring. I'm happy to facilitate K's obsession, but I do hope we move on to something more entertaining (FOR ME) soon.

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