Sunday, May 29, 2011

FDA Seizes Birthing Pools

Have you heard about the recent seizure of Birth Pools by the FDA?


They've since been returned, with a warning that the fate of Birthing Pools in the United States will be decided on June 7th.


 And you wonder why I'm an anarchist?

Birthing pools are sort of like inflateable kiddie pools. They differ in height, durability, temperature controls, ect... but ESSENTIALLY, the FDA seized a shipment of kiddie pools that women throughout the world like to use as an assistance to their birthing experience, and the country is now waiting to hear if Birthing Pools will be recalled for DESTRUCTION or permitted to continue as usual.


I guess there's a general concensus throughout the US, that waterbirths are unsafe. And homebirth waterbirths even MORE dangerous. So...naturally...the government has decided that it needs to review the situation and determine whether or not such unsafe birthing conditions might 'legally' continue.

If, when I next find myself pregnant, N and I have to buy a birthing pool on the black market, I will literally HAVE to laugh. Not that it's really funny. Just that anyone who really thinks a bunch of home-water-birthing moms/midwives/doulas are going to send their birthing pools in to the FDA for destruction MUST be crazy!


  1. They are not concerned about the safety of waterbirths, the US gov't and FDA are concerned for the loss of business and money for their friends in the medical profession. It's usually all about money and power.

    I'm enjoying getting to know you and your family here tonight. I found you through your comment at The Path Less Taken. Your rental house is very cool.

  2. I agree...not to mention the control factor. You get everyone to birth children one particular way...that's a lot of power...

    Thanks for your comment and your bloggy love!


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