Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Am a Voluntaryist

I am what is known as a Voluntaryist. I believe that human interactions should be voluntary and free from violence and/or the threat of violence. In simple terms, I am an anarchist who supports strong property rights, capitalism, and believes that the State is a monopoly of force and oppression that should no longer exist.

I am also a mother, a lover, and a woman who has entrepreneurial dreams of financial prosperity and self-sustainability. How do all these things relate to one another, how do they WORK with my base philosophical belief that all human interaction ought to be voluntary? This blog is a place for me to figure that out and share with you, my readers, the insufferable oppressions of government.

I am 23 years old and while that may seem very young for one with such firm (and extreme) philosophical beliefs, I assure you that I have seen a good bit of government intervention, force, coercion, and violent threat upon both myself, my family, and others. I have come to my voluntaryist tendencies purely through observance of the most simplistic and non-violent examples of human interaction. This is not a pie in the sky dream, this is real.

I have a young toddler. He has been a light in my partner and I's life ever since his conception, and I have strong belief in parenting with an eye on freedom. I want my son to realize his autonomy at the earliest age possible. I don't believe in 18 as a magical age of maturity; throughout his childhood with me, I want K to be challenged to choose for himself, to learn that which matters TO HIM, to realize the affect his actions have upon others without the fetters of rules, and to voluntarily interact with whomever he wishes. I want him to learn to say Yes and No on his own and stand up for his beliefs irregardless of the government fallout. As such, I would say that I parent a bit differently than most.

My partner supports our family through poker. That's right, I'm essentially 'married' to a professional gambler. It can be a crazy roller-coaster of a ride, but it keeps us self-sustainable which is of primary importance to a family calling for an end to the State.

I hope I can pass on my philosophies to others, but whatever the case, I hope that I can facilitate some constructive conversations. I welcome whatever comments/emails you can send my way, and I look forward to journaling life as I see it.

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