Friday, April 29, 2011

Casting On

Close friends and family members of ours know that we had a rather, horrible and terrifying 'close-call' with CPS (child protective services). I say, close-call reservedly, because N and I were aware of a brewing situation that most assuredly would have had CPS knocking at our doors with investigative intentions had we remained at our known address. I've read AND heard so many CPS horror stories of ordinary families being broken up by anonymous "tips" based upon anything BUT concern for a child's welfare, that we simply could not risk remaining a moment longer at our home address once this situation started to seriously become threatening. Horrendous accusations against us were posted on facebook to over 1100 strangers (to us) by a friend-turned-enemy, and that was all it took for us to pack a suitcases, grab our computers, and move on. We've started life anew, but it's been (and is) a struggle.

Today, I bought a pair of knitting needles and laboriously cast on for the same  sweater pattern that circumstances had forced me to leave behind (with just a sleeve to go!). This is good for's a sign of healing. When we first arrived to this place we currently call home, I swore I would never knit again. I was jaded to everything I thought I had known, and even a simple "How Are You?" conversation with the mothers at the park was too much...too insufferable after having my entire life destroyed by a single woman's jealousy and anger. How was I POSSIBLY supposed to go on with life as normal when absolutely NOTHING was normal about our current existence?

But, today, I cast on for that sweater that I so very much want to a new happy color rich in greens and blues.

This is comforting to me. It means life is slowly coming to something resembling normal...for us.

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